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Charlotte, NC Managed IT & Support ServicesWe deploy today's leading-edge IT solutions to ensure your employees are equipped with the right tools to work remotely and securely.
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IT Services & Data Security In Charlotte, NC

At TeamLogic IT, our goal is to become your trusted IT advisor. Through our assortment of IT security, maintenance, and repair services, we aim to help your business grow and protect you from consistent cyber attacks. For years, we’ve helped clients fulfill their technology needs which enables them to focus on the day-to-day, grow their business, and sleep easier at night. Don’t become another victim of outdated of technology – when you work with us, we’ll keep you efficient, safe, and satisfied.
We are committed to the constant improvement, exploration, and immersion that is required to deliver exceptional IT services. We keep up to date with the latest advancements in technology, so we can deliver faster internet, better security, secure data backup, and much more to businesses that need help adapting to the 21st century. We consistently remain the premier provider of computer support in Charlotte, NC, because we never cut corners and we’re dedicated to your success. 

Some of the services we offer include:

Lastly, we provide exceptional customer service. We understand that technology can be daunting and confusing. This is why we provide friendly, personable, and helpful employees who will communicate directly with you. We never want you to feel left behind – this is your business we’re serving – so we always keep you up to date and in the loop on everything that we’re doing to better serve you.
Call us at (704) 601-7454 today to schedule a consultation and to upgrade your IT services today! 

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Business today lives in the cloud, runs on mobile devices and constantly evolves

This opens the door to all kinds of cyber threats, and data protection technology such as email filters, firewalls, anti-virus, and malware tools, while helping to protect your data, are not foolproof in protecting your business. To strengthen your organization’s security posture in today’s volatile environment, TeamLogic IT provides a 5-step approach to cybersecurity that:

  • IDENTIFIES potential risks and gaps in your IT infrastructure
  • PROTECTS with best practices in security, protocols, software updates and more
  • DETECTS threats to quickly avoid and mitigate risk
  • RESPONDS via alerts and personal support in the event of a cyber-attack
  • RECOVERS to remediate and restore lost data and systems to full operations

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How exposed is your business to cyber risks

You won’t know until you identify the vulnerabilities and gaps in your infrastructure. Our first order of business is to undertake a comprehensive review of your IT environment. As appropriate we can perform the following:

  • System Assessment
  • Network Assessment
  • Security Assessment
  • Compliance/Regulatory Assessments

These assessments identify issues and provide us with a road map to set priorities and develop the remediation strategy to fortify your business.


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Ongoing vigilance and training are major components in a cybersecurity plan

Human error is one of the top causes of system failure. Why? Lack of education. Email phishing scams and other sophisticated, socially engineered attacks can easily trap your employees into making the wrong move. TeamLogic IT trains your staff on best practice security policies, protocols, and what to look for to protect your business from breach or exposure.

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Detection is the best defense

Between our Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operation Center (SOC) as well as our team of security professionals, engineers, and technicians, your business is well covered with TeamLogic IT. We believe security complacency can lead to vulnerabilities. That’s why our managed cybersecurity services will regularly perform vulnerability tests, install the latest updates and security patches, as well as provide 24/7 remote monitoring systems to detect and resolve problems.


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Proactive response and recovery

Should a cyber-attack occur, our proactive systems monitoring delivers notifications through threat alerts and personal support? Depending on the size and scope of the breach, our team can provide insight on appropriate breach reporting. Recovering from an attack also requires a proper approach to remediate and restore lost or compromised data and return your systems to full operations. TeamLogic IT applies industry-leading technology and procedures to return your company to normalcy, as quickly as possible.

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Choosing TeamLogic IT for cybersecurity management

As your Managed IT Services provider, the security of your data and business is a top priority. This is a serious endeavor, which is why we built our cybersecurity services on the following foundational blocks:

  • Our strategy aligns with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework, which provides a policy structure for the private sector to assess and improve their security defenses
  • Our engineers and technicians look at your business across all aspects of security, from preparation to protection to recovery
  • Our #1 goal is to provide your organization with best practices based on years of experience, industry-leading partnerships and a nationwide network of offices and technicians available to you, 24/7

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